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Some projects we’ve worked on for clients aren’t public, but here are some of our other favourites:

An in-house project to create a collection of blogs to help people find good blogs that interest them.

Screenshot of

As part of an Artangel project, a collaboration with an artist, designers and a photographer.

Audio streams of field recordings and an ambient soundscape are combined with photographs of the area and video of local wildlife, in a lightweight, happily low-tech experience. Read more about it.

Screenshot of

MoMA Exhibition Spelunker

Working with Good, Form & Spectacle, a site that explores 60 years of data for New York’s Museum of Modern Art.

It combines MoMA’s data with more from Wikidata and the New York Times, and has several visualisations (using D3.js) providing overviews of the organisation and its work over the decades.

Screenshot of MoMA Exhibition Spelunker

The Waddesdon Bequest

Also with Good, Form & Spectacle, the Waddesdon Bequest site for the British Museum displays all the exhibits from one collection.

Users can compare the objects by size, weight, origin, year of acquisition, and more. Every object features information from the British Museum’s archive and detailed zoomable photos.

Screenshot of the Waddesdon Bequest website

Good ID (Internet Archive version)

Working with Unfold Stories, this was a content-driven site focused on doing digital identity right.

Using Unfold's design and specification we implemented the site using the Django-based Wagtail CMS. Read more about it.

Screenshot of the Good ID website

Today’s Guardian

A self-directed project from 2010, building a browsable online version of a newspaper, using the Guardian’s API. Read more about the design thinking.

This was later taken further in collaboration with BERG, funded by the Guardian, to create “a newspaper that looks back at you”. Read more about it.

Screenshot of Today's Guardian

Dreams of Your Life

A thoughtful narrative experience promoting a film, Dreams of a Life, built with Hide&Seek for Film 4, written by A.L. Kennedy, with photography by Lottie Davies.

The branching conversational story was built using a custom admin system that allowed for adjustments as the project was developed. Created before Well-Formed’s existence, but still one of our favourite works.

Screenshot of the website